Stump Grinding

Do you have leftover tree stumps sitting on your property? If so, you likely know how annoying stumps can be. Stumps can get in the way, cause damage or injury, and potentially grow into new, unwanted trees.


  1. Stumps can get in the way of people, vehicles, tractors, and more
  2. Family, friends, and neighbors could trip over a stump which could result in injury
  3. Stumps can sprout and grow into new, unwanted trees
  4. Stumps occupy space on your property
  5. Stumps attract unwanted insects such as ants, worms, beetles, and termites
  6. Stumps are unsightly and distracting

If you are experiencing any of these problems associated with stumps, it may be time for you to hire a professional stump grinder to take care of your unwanted stumps. With the help of Out On A Limb, your property can be turned into a stump-free, neat, well-landscaped yard.

Due to the dangerous nature of stump grinding, hiring a professional is incredibly important; we can’t stress this enough. If you are inexperienced, you could potentially harm yourself, loved ones, or your yard by attempting to stump grind. Out On A Limb has the experience, expertise, and necessary equipment that is needed to professionally and safely remove tree stumps. Once you hire us, we will come take a look at your unwanted stumps and determine the appropriate method to remove those stumps. We guarantee safe, professional, trouble-free services and to have those unwanted stumps removed quickly leaving no mess behind.

Call us today at Out On A Limb to speak with one of our highly trained professionals regarding your pesky, unwanted stumps. When you hire us, we guarantee to provide you with services that will leave your property looking nice.

Call us today at 517-719-6003 for a FREE estimate on all tree services. We offer both senior discounts and winter season discounts. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

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They were very professional. Joe M. Had damage from the storm and they were quick to respond and get the mess cleaned up. They were also able to fix the landscaping that was damaged.
Cindy S.

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